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Cutbacks force retreat in war on meth

Police and sheriff's departments in states that produce much of the nation's methamphetamine have made a sudden retreat in the war on meth, at times virtually abandoning pursuit of the drug because they can no longer afford to clean up the toxic waste generated by labs. Despite abundant evidence that the meth trade is flourishing, many law enforcement agencies have called off tactics that have been used for years to confront drug makers: sending agents undercover, conducting door-to-door investigations and setting up stakeouts at pharmacies to catch people buying large amounts of cold medicine.

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IN: Meth labs on the rise, children affected on the rise too

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Youth movement is not a healthy one (Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health)Even as meth labs grow, smuggling is epidemic (Source: National Seizure System) Meth accounts for more than 6% of all treatment admissions natoinwide. (Source: SAMHSA Treatment Episode Data Set)Sudden uptick in new meth users was a surprise to many (Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health)After half a decade of declines, drug labs growing again (Source: Drug Enforcement Administration)Student meth use has fallen nearly across the board (Source: Centers for Disease Control)
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