Meth cuts wide swath through families

In a national survey, nearly half of county child-
welfare workers said that methamphetamine abuse
is the leading reason children are placed in foster
care or other out-of-home situations.

Sixty percent of those same workers said that meth
is such a persistent problem that in many cases it
makes reunification of families more difficult or
impossible. The survey was done by the National
Association of Counties.

Children are the most frequently mentioned victims
of meth abuse but they are not alone. Thousands
of abused spouses, broken marriages, criminal
records and lost careers follow in the wake of
meth abuse.

It is, however, the children who are often innocent
victims of the drug. Those living with meth-using
parents suffer from neglect and abuse, and their
presence in the vicinity of meth production places
them at risk of harmful chemical exposure, injury
and even death.

In the state of Indiana alone, 620 cases of children neglected or removed from their families because of
meth abuse were reported by the state police. Hundreds of children are in foster and kinship care.

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