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Getting away from meth: A long-term process

Once people find themselves in the grip of
methamphetamine their options are limited.

A) They can continue the downward spiral that
often means the loss of everything dear to
them -- friends, money, house, job, children
and even life.

B) Make the effort to turn their lives around --
a process that is neither brief nor easy.

Recovery is much more than simply ridding
the body of meth. It involves growth as a
person, the acceptance of responsibility for
actions and the knowledge that any slip
could result in long-term addiction.

For some the nation's drug court system is
a perfect entry for recovery. Drug courts give addicts the opportunity to trade recovery for
incarceration. The process is not easy and not free of responsibility. Those accepted must stay
clean through the lengthy process. But in the end, many are reunited with their families and/or
children taken from the home.

Other options are state- or federally-sanctioned drug treatment facilities, faith-based programs or private recovery hospitals.

This is one part of a film on meth from the San Juan (New Mexico) Safe Communities Initiative