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The situation: Connecticut, like most of New England,
has not seen a wave of methamphetamine use -- so far.
However, if use of the drug among youth is an indication,
the state could face an epidemic in the future. Connecticut
high schoolers say they are using meth almost at the
national average.
In virtually every other measure of meth use, however, the
state appears to be almost meth-free. Instead, heroin and
crack cocaine are considered the greatest drug threats in
the state, according to the White House Office of National
Drug Control Policy.

Meth in Connecticut

-- Two strong indicators on meth use in a state -- Drug
Enforcement Administration seizures and law enforcement
meth lab busts -- are virtually unseen in Connecticut.
Between 2005-2010, 2.3 kilograms (5 pounds) of
methamphetamine was seized by DEA agents. That
is one of the lowest totals in the country.
At the same time, the state has seen only 14 meth lab busts -- compared to national leader Missouri which was host to 5,864.

-- Among 32,931 substance abuse treatment admissions in 2010, just 64 (about two-tenths of one percent) were for methamphetamine.

Speaking of meth

"There is a fear that the use of methamphetamine is making its way to this area. It causes quite a bit of concern."
- Torrington Police Chief Robert Milano

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High School drug use
Percentage of students who admit they used each drug in their lifetime:
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