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The situation: Indiana has a serious meth problem.
According to a special report by WTHI television, Gov.
Mitch Daniels calls meth "Public Enemy Number One."
An inmate interviewed by WTHI said, "We're not in the
Wabash Valley, we're in Meth Valley, USA." In 2010
Indiana was among the top three states in the USA for
number of meth labs uncovered. The state employs
more than 20 full-time investigators working around the
state to uncover and destroy meth labs.
Meth Tip Line: 1-800-453-4756

Meth in Indiana

  • Meth-related arrests  soared to 1,212 in 2010 from 534 in 2007 -- an increase of 127%

  • State police estimate the cost to Indiana from meth and related crimes is about $1.8 billion

  • Law enforcement uncovered 1,346 working meth labs in 2010, up slightly from the year before and about one-eighth of all the meth labs found in the United States.

  • The percentage of high school seniors who say they used methamphetamine at least once in their life has fallen in recent years (the 2009 national rate was 2.4%)
2005     2006     2007     2008     2009     2010
                5.5%     5.0%    3.4%      2.7%     2.7%     2.5%

Speaking of methamphetamine in Indiana:

“I have worked drug cases since 2001 and I will tell you, there is no drug that is out there that is harder on the body, harder on these families, harder on these children than methamphetamine”
- Sergeant Niki Crawford, Indiana State Police

(Meth) is so prevalent that some people now refer to the county seat of Mount Vernon as “Meth Vernon.”
- Travis Clowers, Posey County Prosecutor

If you have comments or information to add, please e-mail the National Meth Center
Children exposed to meth
2008           2009           2010   
Source: Indiana Meth Suppression Section