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The situation: Kansas became one of the first
states to pass legislation to limit the sale of precursor
elements used to manufacture meth. But while
the number of local labs decreased dramatically
between 2005-2006, it has remained stubbornly
over 100 lab busts per year. Likewise, the number
of people seeking drug treatment for meth and the
percentage of all treatment admissions related to meth
have been higher than the national average (see
charts below). Since the demise of three-fourths of
the state's meth labs, law enforcement estimates that about 80% of the methamphetamine in Kansas comes from labs in Mexico and California.

Meth in Kansas

-- Clandestine meth lab busts in Kansas since 2005
Year                 2005     2006     2007     2008     2009    2010
Lab busts          406       195       101      154       151      146
Source: El Paso Intelligence Center

-- Number of people admitted to drug treatment for amphetamine-related addictions and the percentage of all admissions that were related to amphetamines (mostly meth).
Year                 2005     2006     2007     2008     2009    2010
Number           2,190    1,578    1,961    1,815    2,036   1,770  
Percentage      13.8%   12.1%  13.1%   10.8%  10.8%  12.8%
(Note: the national average percentage of meth admissions is 6.3%)
Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

-- Seizures of methamphetamine by agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Seizure amounts are in kilograms (note: 1 kg. = 2.2 lbs.):
Year                 2005     2006     2007     2008     2009    2010
Seizures           123.6    33.7      20.5      39.8       40       31.3
Source: Drug Enforcement Administration

Speaking of meth

"The demand for meth… is still something that we have to try to suppress in Kansas. Historically, rural states have struggled with methamphetamine,” partly because there are fewer officers in rural areas to tackle the problem."
- Loretta Severin, coordinator of the state’s anti-meth program
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Counties with most meth treatment admissions
Fewer than 25         25-100        100-199          200+
Source: Kansas Addiction and Prevention Services (2009 data)
KS    U.S.
Youth report
Secondary school students who say they have tried meth at least once in their life.
Source: CDC Youth Risk Behavior survey