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The situation: By many measures, Michigan has been spared the brunt of the meth epidemic. Looking to the future, however, there may be cause for concern. More than 6% of Michigan high school students say they have tried meth at least once -- about half again the rate for the rest of the country (see graphic above).

Meth in Michigan:

-- Very small amounts of methamphetamine have been seized by law enforcement in recent years. DEA figures indicate less than 10 Kg. of meth was seized between 2006 and 2010. That is less than 23 states in 2010 alone.

-- Fewer than 1% of patients seeking drug treatment in Michigan did so for a meth addiction. The national average is 6.1%.

-- -- Spending for substance-abuse treatment, prevention and research:
                                   Amount    Per capita  Pct. of budget
Michigan         $50M$4.92 0.17%
U.S. average    $65M       $10.64        0.37%
(From The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Columbia University) 
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High school students who say they have tried meth at least once
U.S. Average                                    4.1%
Michigan                                                                            6.2%
Source: CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2009