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The situation: According to the Drug Enforcement Admin-
istration, Virginia's methamphetamine problem once was
confined largely to the Shenandoah Valley but now is spreading
west and also into places along Interstate-81. Floyd County
investigator Jeff Dalton says meth accounts for up to 65% of all
drug charges in this southern county. Virginia State Police told
the Roanoke Times in July 2010 that meth activity in the
western part of the state were on the rise. In the Southwest
region of the state, 13% of high school seniors said they had
used methamphetamine at least once (see chart, right).

Meth in Virginia:

-- Fewer than 1% of all Virginia drug treatment admissions are for methamphetamine. Across the nation slightly more than 6% of admissions involve meth.

-- Following passage of state and federal meth precursor laws beginning in 2005, the number of clandestine  lab busts dropped by 50% and remained low thereafter.

-- -- Spending for substance-abuse treatment, prevention and research:
                                   Amount    Per capita  Pct. of budget
Virginia           $43M $5.65 0.17%
U.S. average    $65M       $10.64        0.37%
(From The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Columbia University) 

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Source: Drug Enforcement Administration
Meth seizures by law enforcement
18.1 Kg.
72.2 Kg.
1.6 Kg.
       2005              2006               2007            2008               2009              2010
  Va.  U.S.
Youth report
High school seniors who say they have tried meth at least once in their life.
Source: CDC Youth Risk Behavior survey and Virginia’s Community Youth Survey